How Much Does Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Cost in North Hollywood

Do you want to be bikini-ready but tired of painful waxing or shaving? In that case, Brazilian laser hair removal might be the solution you’re looking for. While it’s a great alternative to traditional hair removal treatments, many are unsure of the Brazilian laser hair removal cost.

In this post, we will discuss how this treatment works, the average cost of Brazilian laser hair removal, and prep tips to remember. Read on to start planning your own treatment!  

What is Brazilian laser hair removal?

Brazilian laser hair removal is the process of removing pubic hair on your bikini line, pubic bone, labia, and buttocks. Basically, it’s complete hair removal, often leaving your entire private area hairless. 

Take note that Brazilian hair removal shouldn’t be confused with bikini hair removal. A standard bikini hair removal includes areas outside your bikini line or those that a typical bikini won’t cover.

In that case, a bikini hair removal will still leave some hair on your private areas. You can also request a style on the remaining hair, including the famous ‘landing strip’.

Unlike traditional waxing, Brazilian laser hair removal uses specialized laser technology. The laser beam targets and neutralizes the hair follicles. This way, the follicles won’t produce more hair.

Nevertheless, it will require multiple sessions to enjoy a hair-free bikini area. The upside is that hair removal is often long-term, if not permanent. You’ll only need periodic touch-ups to prevent the hairs from growing back.

But you know the best part? Laser hair removal is relatively painless compared to waxing or shaving. Also, it will save you from ingrown hairs – a common dilemma among those who shave and wax.

Lastly, Brazilian laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women. It can be a great part of a gentleman’s manscaping regimen if he prefers to keep it neat and clean down there.

How much does Brazilian laser hair removal cost?

The laser Brazilian hair removal cost varies widely. In North Hollywood, you should expect to pay around $100 per session.

Meanwhile, the number of sessions you need depends on a few factors. Your chosen specialist will determine the number of appointments you need upon consultation.

Overall, an entire treatment program may set you back at about $600 for a package of 6 sessions. However, some people may need up to 12 appointments or more. In that case, you may have to shell out $1,200+.

However, clinics located in some areas usually offer lower rates for the same quality service. For example, at Pure Skin Laser Center, you only have to pay $45 per session for the cost of laser hair removal in Brazilian style.

We offer the lowest pricing in North Hollywood while using the advanced Candela Gentle MaxPro technology, the same equipment you’ll find in A-list clinics! 

Factors affecting the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal

How much does laser hair removal cost for Brazilian, you ask? Most clinics will consider the following when calculating the exact price tag of your entire treatment plan: 

Hair thickness

Your pubic hair’s thickness is the leading factor affecting laser hair removal cost for a Brazilian treatment.

In general, thicker hair will require more sessions than wispier strands. Thick and dense hair requires more laser energy before the follicles are fully neutralized.

This is why some individuals would be prescribed more than the usual 6 laser sessions. In some cases, a person may need 12 or more appointments, which means a higher full Brazilian laser hair removal cost. 

Skin and hair color

The efficacy of laser hair removal depends on your skin and hair color. Those with dark hair and lighter skin tone get the best results from their Brazilian laser hair removal treatments.

It’s because darker hair pigments absorb more laser heat than lighter ones. If paired with a lighter skin tone, the hair color will stand out, allowing the laser energy to be concentrated on the hair strands.

So how much does a Brazilian laser hair removal cost if I have light-colored pubic hair? On average, you may need 8 treatments or more, which is equivalent to a few thousand dollars for a clinic located downtown. 

Location of the clinic

To get the most competitive Brazilian hair removal laser cost, you must be particular with your choice of clinic.

Providers located in big cities often have higher rates. This can easily add up to several thousand bucks if you have thick and light-colored hair.

We recommend scouting a few options and comparing their pricing. Make sure that you also factor in the quality of their service, the equipment they use, and their facilities when choosing where to book. 

Waxing cost vs. laser hair removal Brazilian cost

If you’re a loyal follower of waxing, you’ll surely wonder if the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is worth the switch.

In that case, let us discuss a quick cost breakdown below.

On average, a waxing appointment costs around $50 to $100. It’s almost the same cost as laser hair removal in many clinics in North Hollywood.

So what sets the laser treatment apart? It all boils down to long-term savings.

With waxing, the hair grows back like normal, and you’ll be due for another waxing session in 2 to 4 weeks. Meanwhile, laser hair removal offers long-term and permanent benefits.

For most, the effects of Brazilian hair removal can last for a couple of months to a few years. This translates to thousands of dollars in savings compared to going for a monthly wax.

So if you want to save big in the long run, you should consider switching to laser hair removal instead. After all, it’s less painful and gentler for your private areas. 

How to prepare for Brazilian laser hair removal

Aside from knowing the average Brazilian laser hair removal cost, you should also prepare your skin for the treatment. Here are some of the important steps you should keep in mind: 

Shave 12 hours prior

You’re not supposed to come to your appointment with a thick patch of hair on your bikini area. For the best results, you should shave at least 12 hours before your scheduled treatment.

This way, the laser energy can effectively target the hair roots. Otherwise, the thick patch of hair will block the laser beams and irritate the surrounding skin.

Again, you should only shave. NEVER wax hours before your Brazilian laser hair removal. Doing so will defeat the treatment since there are no hairs to absorb the laser energy.

In general, avoid epilating, waxing, or using depilatory creams about 3 weeks before your appointment. 

Wear loose clothes

We recommend a loose pair of linen pants or a skirt when going for Brazilian laser hair removal. It’s easier to take off, and the loose fabric won’t chafe your skin.

Also, you must wear breathable clothes for a few days until the redness of your skin subsides. 

Shower before your appointment

It’s crucial to keep your private areas clean before your laser appointment. Make sure you take a shower to rinse any product or sweat that’s on your pubic hair. It will also freshen up your skin, which will help reduce the risk of irritation.

Avoid tanning

Tanning, whether real or fake, is a no-no when going for a laser hair removal session.

Also, you should put off your beach trip to avoid sun exposure. If you can’t cancel, make sure your bikini area is well covered by wearing shorts. This prevents UV rays from darkening your skin and making the laser treatment less effective. 

Exfoliate the night before

Consider exfoliating your bikini area the night before your scheduled treatment. However, be gentle to avoid skin irritations or injuries.

Gentle exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells. It will also help loosen the hair follicles, allowing for easier removal. 

Plan for aftercare

Overall, Brazilian laser hair removal is less invasive than other treatments. Still, it’s crucial to plan an aftercare regimen to minimize irritations.

First, avoid saunas or other heat treatments for a week after your session. Also, avoid strenuous physical activities since sweating will increase the risk of infection in the treated area.

Aside from that, you should follow other aftercare reminders that the specialist will provide. 

Get the best Brazilian laser hair removal price in North Hollywood!

If you’re looking for the best Brazilian laser hair removal cost, Pure Skin Laser Center is the smart choice. For just $45 per session, you can achieve a smooth and hair-free bikini area in time for summer!

Our specialist will give you a free consultation to personalize your treatment program. Whether it’s your first or your nth time getting laser treatments, our team will make the process comfortable for you.

With Pure Skin Laser Center, you are in good hands. We use state-of-the-art laser equipment that delivers guaranteed results in every session. All without the unbearable pain of waxing or the sting of razor burns.

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