How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost in North Hollywood?

Laser removal is the latest trend in erasing unwanted tattoos. It’s non-invasive, slow-fading, and kinder to the skin than other procedures. But there’s one common question potential clients often ask: how much does tattoo laser removal cost?

As with any skin treatment, the cost for laser tattoo removal is on a sliding scale. It depends on a few factors, including size, color, skin type, and so on.

Below, we discuss this treatment and how much you should spend on it in North Hollywood. 

How does laser tattoo removal work?

For those new to this treatment, laser tattoo removal is the process of erasing ink from the skin using a specialized laser tool.

The laser beams target the pigments on the skin, heat it, and destroy the ink particles. It will oxidize the destroyed ink, resulting in temporary graying of the treated skin. Over time, this will resolve, and you’ll notice substantial fading of your unwanted tattoo.

During laser tattoo removal, the shallowest ink layers get removed first. Multiple sessions are needed to fully penetrate all ink depths, especially for ink-heavy tattoos.

But does it hurt? Most clients report mild discomfort, like a rubber band snapping into their skin. For those with lower pain tolerance, a numbing cream can be used to minimize any potential discomfort. 

Cost of laser tattoo removal

The average cost of laser tattoo removal in North Hollywood ranges from $110 to $600 per session, depending on the size.

Meanwhile, erasing a massive tattoo can cost you as much as $4,000+ for the entire treatment.

In terms of pricing, medical spas have different approaches. Some would charge by square inch, while others would offer a flat fee upon examination of your tattoo.

Package deals are also available, especially if there are other procedures needed to be done in the treatment area.

If you want a more accurate estimate for laser tattoo removal, call us at Pure Skin Laser Center. Our specialist will conduct a one-on-one consultation to determine the number of treatments you need and their total cost. 

What affects the cost of tattoo laser removal?

Your laser removal tattoo cost depends on a few factors. So if you’re wondering how much the removal will set you back, it’s best to consider the following aspects: 

Tattoo size

Size is one of the major determinants of tattoo removal laser cost. It’s obviously more affordable to erase a minimalist tattoo than a whole-sleeve body art.

In general, you have to prepare a bigger budget for equally bigger tattoos. For example, at Pure Skin Laser Center, our laser removal starts at $110 per session for a 2-inch tattoo. Meanwhile, a tattoo as big as 15 to 40 inches will cost at least $550 for every appointment.

But if you don’t have the budget to erase a big tattoo in one go, you can always get the treatment in segments. You can start with a few inches until the entire tattoo is eliminated.

This way, you can erase your inked regrets without dealing with a big laser tattoo removal cost per session. 

Tattoo colors

Aside from tattoo size, you also have to factor in the colors of your body art. It’s because each color absorbs laser light at different intensities.

For example, black ink is the easiest to erase since it absorbs all light wavelengths. It takes less laser energy to break down and oxidize the ink particles.

Meanwhile, lighter colors like yellow, white, blue, or green can be challenging to remove. Since they are lighter, they don’t absorb laser light optimally, which will demand more sessions.

In the long run, the colors of your tattoo will directly impact the price of your treatment. 

Amount of ink

Larger tattoos often use heavy ink, which penetrates deep into the skin. And since the tattoo is removed by layers using a laser, a large amount of ink will require a more intensive treatment – thus, the higher cost.

Densely inked tattoos also take a longer time to completely erase. So aside from the cost, you also have to allocate enough time.

The good thing is that most laser tattoo removal sessions only take an hour. This can be scheduled over lunchtime, but more extensive tattoos could take much longer. 

Skin color

Your skin color will also have an impact on laser tattoo removal costs.

It’s usually more expensive to erase tattoos from darker skin tones. It’s because darker skin colors have higher heat absorption, which makes the skin prone to scarring and blisters using standard laser settings.

In this case, the specialist will have to customize the treatment program. This could involve lower laser settings, slowing the treatment, and requiring more sessions. 

Tattoo location

Tattoos on some areas of the body can be more challenging to treat with laser, making the cost much higher.

Tattoos located on the ankles, feet, and fingers often require more sessions since these areas have less blood flow. This means removal of the destroyed ink will be slower.

Also, tattoos on areas with thinner skin, like the neck and face, can be more expensive to remove. Since the skin is thin, the specialist must use a lower laser setting to avoid causing skin damage. This will slow down the treatment and need multiple sessions. 

Current scarring

Tattoo over scarred skin isn’t just expensive to treat; but also not a good candidate for laser tattoo removal. Also, if the scar was formed during the tattooing procedure, laser removal could make the scar even more visible.

Also, some scars might be too sensitive and not a good candidate for laser treatments.

In this case, it’s crucial to discuss your skin and tattoo condition with a laser specialist. This way, they can assess your skin and advise about the best course of treatment. 

Does insurance cover the cost of laser tattoo removal?

Since tattoo removal is a cosmetic procedure, it’s not typically covered by insurance plans.

In rare cases, your insurance may partially or fully cover the tattoo removal cost if deemed medically necessary. For this claim, you need a plastic surgeon or other licensed medical professionals to vouch that there’s a medical reason for the procedure.

Some of the qualified medical reasons are allergic reactions or the presence of skin cancer. However, insurance companies have varying takes on this, so it’s best to check before proceeding with the treatment. 

Other methods vs. laser tattoo removal cost

Aside from laser, there are other treatments used to erase ink from the skin. In this case, you’re probably asking, which one is more affordable?

Below, we compared the cost to laser remove tattoos with other popular solutions: 


Surgical tattoo removal is done by cutting out the inked part and stitching the skin together. This is effective for small, but not for larger ones.

However, surgical tattoo excision tends to be more expensive than laser removal. On average, it will cost you at least $1,750 in North Hollywood for each appointment.

Aside from that, surgical tattoo removal is invasive and has substantial downtime. Without proper aftercare, the affected area can be prone to infections.

The upside is that surgical removal is probably the fastest solution if you want the tattoo removed immediately. 


With dermabrasion, the tattooed skin is ‘sanded’ to let the ink leach out or escape. Each session of this procedure can cost a few thousand dollars for a sizeable tattoo.

Aside from that, dermabrasion isn’t suitable for everyone. Those with sensitive skin or a history of eczema should steer clear of this treatment. Also, people with darker skin colors may risk having pigment changes. 

Tattoo removal cream

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to erase your tattoo, a tattoo removal cream may sound attractive.

However, tattoo creams don’t offer any guaranteed results. Most only go as far as fading the ink but not totally erasing it from within.

If you have a small, minimalist tattoo, you may get a reasonable result with a tattoo removal cream. But if you have full-arm body art, you’re better off booking a laser tattoo removal session. 

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