How Much Does Skin Tag Removal Cost in North Hollywood

Are you getting annoyed with your skin tags? Most skin tags are harmless to your health. However, some people have them removed for cosmetic reasons or when they cause a nuisance.

If you’re looking for a place to have it removed, then you’re on the right one. The cost to remove a skin tag varies based on different aspects. The number of skin tags and sizes are some factors to consider.

This blog post will discuss the following: 

  1. What Skin Tag Is
  2. Where To Go for Skin Tag Removal
  3. How is Removal Done
  4. How to Prepare for Removal
  5. The Advantages of Removal
  6. Benefits of Laser Skin Tag Removal
  7. How Long Does the Treatment Take
  8. Will Skin Tags Come Back After Removal
  9. Skin Tag Removal Cost 

What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are excess pieces of skin that hang off the skin. It often grows where the skin naturally folds and rubs against itself. They can appear anywhere on the body but are mostly found on the neck, upper chest, and underarms. It can also occur in your genitals, groin, armpits, and eyelids. Usually, skin tags do not cause pain but can become highly uncomfortable if they rub against clothing, bedding, jewelry, etc.

According to research, they appear in at least 25% of adults and can occur with age. It usually emerges in brown or beige color and is attached to the rest of your skin by a thick stalk, making them appear raised. The development of skin tags is more common during pregnancy and between the fourth and seventh decades of life. Some may occur in cases of obesity, type II diabetes, or high cholesterol. 

Tag causes may also include: 

  • Infection with HPV, the virus that causes warts
  • Hormonal factors (especially in women)
  • Genetics

If you have these skin tags on your body, there is no need to worry. Just like moles, they are common and safe to remove!

Where Do I Go for Skin Tag Removal?

Whether you are experiencing irritating skin tag issues or want to remove your skin tag for cosmetic reasons, you should always opt for licensed specialists or reputable surgeons. Find skincare clinics or dermatology centers that perform professional skin tag removal. 

How is Skin Tag Removal Done?

Most procedures are quick and easy, and there is minimal to no scarring during the healing process. Depending on the skincare clinic or dermatology center, they will provide you with a customized treatment plan during your consultation.

To help you decide on your skin tag removal procedure. Below are different types of skin tag removal. 

  • Cryotherapy or the process of freezing them with liquid nitrogen
  • Cutting them off with surgical scissors or a scalpel
  • Cauterizing or heat is applied to burn or dissolve the skin tag tissue
  • Electrocautery or an electric current is used to burn off the skin tag
  • Laser technology 

This post will focus more on the benefits of using laser technology. 

Is it Safe to Perform Removal by Myself?

It is never a good idea to remove skin tags by yourself. It can bleed heavily and get infected during the process. However, if you have a minimal skin tag, you could still ask a professional how to remove it at home. There are over the counter remedies that they may suggest for removal.

How You Prepare for the Procedure

Regardless of the procedure you’ve chosen, usually, you won’t need special preparation. To reduce discomfort, you can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) about 30 minutes before your procedure.

What are the Advantages of Skin Tag Removal?

  1. Relief from Pain – You will be relieved from pain or annoying incidents of skin tags catching on your clothing, bedding, or jewelry.
  2. Smoother Skin Appearance – If you’re having it removed for cosmetic reasons, you’ll have smooth, even, and healthy-looking skin. Skin tag removal may be essential in achieving your body goals. If you’ve developed tags related to obesity or want to regain your pre-pregnancy body, it helps you provide a healthier skin appearance.
  3. Peace of Mind – If your skin tags have been bothering you, removing them will help you give peace of mind. Some may say that your skin tag is just a tag, as it is normal. In some cases, if you have dark or red tags, we may recommend a biopsy first.

Benefits of Laser Skin Tag Removal

  1. No Recovery Periods With laser treatment, you can return to work and resume your usual activities right after each session.
  2. Painless Procedure
    Laser treatments have no surgery or stitches involved. You’ll only feel mild discomfort or stinging sensation throughout the procedure.
  3. Flawless Results
    Laser skin tag removal provides no deep scarring or burned spots. You’ll get smooth and even skin results after the treatment.
  4. Healthier Skin
    As laser treatments perfectly destroy the root of the skin tags, it encourages the production of new skin cells. As the skin heals, you will have your healthy-looking skin back.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatment or sessions will depend on the number, size, and location of skin tags you want to be removed. A small skin tag may take 10 to 15 minutes. Some may take an hour or more. You can ask your specialist about it. 

Will Skin Tags Come Back After Skin Tag Removal?

The ones we provided laser treatment on will probably not regrow, but we cannot stop your body from producing new skin tags. If prone to skin tags, you will likely grow more eventually. Many patients come in every few years to have their new skin tags cleaned up.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Skin Tags?

There are a few factors to consider in identifying the cost of skin tag removal. Most skincare centers like  Pure Skin Laser Center determine whether it is a skin tag first. The reason for that is some growths on the skin can appear as if they are skin tags. It can be something else, such as a mole or filiform wart. 

The next factor is the number of cosmetic or irritating skin tags you want to be removed. Pure Skin Laser Center offers skin tag removal starting at $80 for ten (10) skin tags. This price is a skin tag removal cost without insurance. As the removal of skin tags is considered a cosmetic procedure, medical insurance does not typically cover it. However, if there is an issue with the skin tag where the skin is irritated or bleeds more than usual, insurance can cover this according to approval.

If you have more than 15 skin tags, the removals will be broken into multiple sessions to allow the skin to heal. For multiple skin tag removal appointments, leaving at least two weeks before returning to see your dermatologist is essential.

The cost of having skin tags removed can differ depending on your case. The specialist or dermatologist sets the exact price they will charge for their services upon consultation. Going to the center or clinic for an initial consultation with your dermatologist is always best. It will help you get an estimated cost of removing skin tags. 

How Pure Skin Laser Center's Skin Tag Removal Works

Pure Skin Laser Center helps you eliminate those irritating skin tags. We use cutting-edge laser technology to destroy the source of the skin tag and encourage the production of new skin cells.

As your skin heals, the skin tag will start to fall off. After a few sessions, you’ll have flawless skin without imperfections or unsightly growth. We have a team of licensed estheticians and certified laser specialists. They have received extensive training and have years of experience in the dermatology field. We ensure you receive excellent results and great service.

Pure Skin Laser Center uses the FDA-approved Candela GentleMax Pro laser technology for pain-free skin tag removal. It removes skin tags after several sessions without scarring, recovery periods, or regrowth. You’ll be rewarded with smooth and flawless skin using the best skin tag remover in North Hollywood.

If you want skin tag removal in Los Angeles, California, especially in North Hollywood, it is the right place! You can call our office to book a complimentary consultation with one of our specialists. Call us today to book your skin tag removal session!


Skin tags are normal excess skin that usually develops in skin folds and where the skin rubs against clothing. It can appear in folded areas of your body, such as the armpits, eyelids, groin or thighs, neck, under the breast, genitals, and upper chest.

The removal cost varies greatly depending on your skin tag’s location, number, and size. It is considered a cosmetic procedure, so health insurance does not cover it. Medical insurance only covers the procedure with heavy bleeding or if your dermatologist suspects a cancerous or infectious growth. Professional removal costs around $80 for ten (10) skin tags.

The number of skin tags removed will increase your overall cost. In most skin clinics, discounts are often available for multiple removals at the same appointment. DIY removal is usually not recommended as it may cause further damage to your skin and health. However, you may consult your dermatologist for home remedies for small skin tags. 

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