How Much is IV Therapy in North Hollywood

How Much is IV Therapy in North Hollywood

IV therapy is a popular treatment that delivers nutrients into your bloodstream quickly and efficiently. Although it has lots of benefits, the biggest question is, how much is IV therapy?
In this post, we will discuss the cost of IV therapy in North Hollywood, depending on the formula and results you want to achieve.

What is IV therapy and how does it work?

IV or intravenous therapy delivers a dose of nutrients straight to your bloodstream. Unlike oral supplements, IV therapy uses a drip bag, tubing, and a needle, much like the IVs you’ll see in hospitals.
This method of administration allows your body to receive its much-needed nutrients fast. It bypasses the digestive system for higher absorption rates and faster effects.
Above all, IV therapy reduces the risk of stomach upset, especially on high nutrient doses.
Moreover, IV treatments come in different formulas and infusions. Whether you’re sick, hungover, stressed, or trying to lose weight, there’s an IV drip that will help you feel better.
The best thing is that IV infusions can be personalized to your needs. It can be used to target nutrient deficiencies you may have.

How much does IV vitamin therapy cost?

The cost of IV therapy depends on the category that you’ll choose. It’s because each category is made of specific ingredients and dosage, which directly impacts its pricing.
Here at Pure Skin Laser Center, we offer a variety of IV drips to match your health goals. Our IV infusions are made with quality ingredients to deliver the best results.
Below are our most popular drips in North Hollywood:

1. Feeling sick

Do you have flu, colds, cough, or are you simply feeling under the weather? A Feeling Sick IV drip can help you recover fast.
Feeling Sick IV Therapy costs $350 per drip, but you can also avail of a drip package to save money.
This infusion is made of hydrating IV fluids, vitamin B-complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and zinc. These ingredients help support immunity to fight infections. It will also boost your energy and hydration during the recovery period.
Specifically, vitamin C and zinc will improve your symptoms fast. Meanwhile, vitamin B-complex will boost your defense against bugs and germs.

2. Hangover

Did you have one too many during a night out with friends? This will surely come at you as a massive hangover the morning after.
When you drink alcohol, your body flushes out lots of fluids, nutrients, and electrolytes. This triggers hangover symptoms, including headache, dizziness, anxiety, muscle weakness, and nausea.
The good thing is that there’s Hangover IV therapy to help you bounce back. Depending on the formulation, a Hangover IV drip costs $350 to $400.
This IV infusion contains a liter of saline fluids, a high dose of vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, magnesium, and calcium. These ingredients will help restore the balance in your system faster than any oral solution.

3. Immunity

You don’t have to be sick to try IV therapy. The Immunity IV infusion is a proactive approach to health by keeping your immune system strong against infections.
This way, your body is prepared to fight toxins before it wreaks havoc on your system.
The Immunity IV costs $350 or more, depending on the add-ons you like.
For Immunity IV, you’ll get a dose of vitamin D that boosts the production of microbe-fighting proteins. It also contains vitamin C and zinc to strengthen your immune system.

4. Beauty & Anti-Aging

IV therapy is not just for feeling better. With Beauty and Anti-Aging IV infusions, you can look better inside and out.
Both our Beauty and Cinderella (Anti-Aging) IV drips start at $350 to achieve a youthful glow.
For starters, we recommend the Beauty IV, made of hydrating fluids, vitamin C, and glutathione.
If you want more rejuvenating benefits, you can try the Cindrella drip. It contains fluids, vitamin C, glutathione, and alpha lipoic acid.

5. Detox

A Detox IV cleanses your body of free radicals and toxins naturally.
Each drip starts at $350 and contains vitamin C, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, inositol, choline, carnitine, selenium, and arginine. To complete the formula, Detox IV is infused with electrolytes like magnesium and calcium.
This infusion of amino acids and antioxidants makes a potent regimen. Also, this formula has anti-inflammatory and stress-fighting benefits to help you feel better.

6. Weight loss

IV therapy can also help in your weight loss journey.
Our Weight Loss IV drip costs $350 and contains hydrating fluids, L-carnitine, and vitamin B-complex.
A 2020 study found that L-carnitine supplementation can help reduce body weight among obese and overweight individuals.
Meanwhile, vitamin B-complex is crucial in releasing energy from fat and breaking down amino acids in the body. All these are necessary for healthy weight loss when paired with proper diet and exercise.

7. NAD+

NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a coenzyme present in every living cell. It plays a major role in energy production and hundreds of other bodily processes.
With enough NAD supply, our bodies can effectively perform DNA repair, cellular processes, proper circadian rhythm, and healthy metabolism.
But as we age, our NAD levels decline, leading to poor cognitive performance, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.
The good news is that you can supplement your NAD levels with IV therapy.
Our NAD IV drip costs $800 and is available in 250 mg and 500 mg dosages. Our licensed nurse will determine your dosage to achieve the best results.

Factors that affect the cost of IV therapy

IV therapy treatments have varying prices in North Hollywood. This is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. Quality of ingredients

Our IV infusions may not be as cheap as other providers, but it’s for a good reason. We only use medical-grade ingredients for every drip to ensure its efficacy and safety.
On the same note, you should be cautious of IV clinics that offer infusions at dirt-cheap prices. This is often a sign that they use equally cheap ingredients that won’t deliver results or even trigger side effects.

2. The reputation of the medical professional

Licensed and board-certified nurses took years to study and master their craft. This is the reason why their service costs more than clinics with unlicensed personnel.
Although you’d have to pay several dollars more, you’ll have peace of mind with licensed medical professionals. It’s a guarantee that your health is in good hands.

3. Location of the clinic

IV therapy clinics located in Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, or Brentwood cost a luxury. These areas are upscale, and so are the costs of wellness treatments.
If you want to save money while getting quality IV drips, you should consider North Hollywood instead. NoHo is a thriving suburb in Los Angeles where the costs of wellness treatments like IV therapy is still pocket-friendly.

Does IV therapy work?

IV therapy works well in supplementing your much-needed nutrients. With a proper dosage prepared by a licensed medical professional, you’ll reap all the benefits without the side effects.
While IV therapy is suitable for almost everyone, it’s specifically beneficial to those with digestive problems. It allows affected individuals to receive nutrients without worrying about irritating their digestive tract.
Also, IV drips have a higher absorption rate since they are delivered right into the bloodstream. This means no nutrients will be wasted, and your body will immediately feel the effects.
However, for IV therapy to work, it must be personalized for your needs. Also, you must choose the right drip type that matches your desired results.

Are there any side effects of IV therapy?

IV therapy is relatively safe as long as you get it from a reputable provider in North Hollywood.
Most clients will experience redness and mild swelling in the injection area. A short-lived flushed feeling may also occur, which will resolve in a few hours.
To avoid any potential side effects, your provider must control the dosage of each vitamin carefully. A thorough consultation is also necessary to understand your medical background.
If you have an underlying illness or currently taking medications, we recommend consulting your attending physician first. This is to know whether an IV infusion will have contraindications with your current treatment.

Try IV Therapy in North Hollywood today!

IV therapy will be an excellent addition to your wellness regimen. It’s an effective way to receive nutrients without experiencing stomach irritation associated with oral supplements.
Also, it can be infused with other vitamins and minerals, depending on your needs. It can be personalized to suit your health goals and budget.
If you’re in North Hollywood and looking for a reliable provider, Pure Skin Laser Center is the place to be. We offer a variety of IV therapy infusions to help you feel and look better.
Our licensed nurses will ensure that you’ll have a comfortable IV therapy experience with us. Every dollar you spend will be equated with high-grade equipment, medical-quality ingredients, and a licensed team.
Call us to book your IV therapy appointment anytime. We ensure you’ll leave our clinic at your best after each drip.
Thank you!

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