How To Get Rid of Double Chin with icoone®Beauty Laser

How To Get Rid of Double Chin with icoone®Beauty Laser

According to the 2014 ASDS Consumer Survey, about 68% of the population is bothered by excess fat under their chin. This annoying layer of fat is called a ‘double chin’. If you’re in the same boat and want to know how to get rid of a double chin, you’re in the right place.
There are many methods used to eliminate double chin problems. There’s surgery, injectables, cryolipolysis, and exercise that specialists swear by.
But recently, a revolutionary technology launched to treat a double chin in a non-invasive way: the icoone®Beauty Laser.
Unlike surgery or injectables, the icoone®Beauty Laser doesn’t involve cutting or piercing the skin.
In this post, we will discuss this treatment and more about double chin and the methods used to eliminate it.

What is a double chin?

A double chin is also called ‘submental fat’ that forms right underneath the chin. It negatively impacts a person’s confidence since double chins can make a person look bigger than they actually are.
While it often occurs in overweight and obese individuals, you don’t need excess weight to grow one.
Other causes of double chin include the following:
  • Genetics
  • Poor posture
  • Old age
  • Facial structure
Aside from that, smoking can contribute to the development of a double chin. Smoking has adverse effects on your skin, making your jawline sag and your wrinkles go deeper.
Leading a healthy lifestyle can help not just in preventing double chins but also in keeping your skin looking younger in general.
While other causes of double chin can’t be avoided, there are options you can explore to reduce its appearance.

Methods used to remove double chin

Over the years, medical practitioners have come up with various solutions to fix the dreaded double chin.
However, these methods aren’t made equal. It’s important that you understand your options before making an appointment.
Below is a short rundown of common double chin treatments and what you should know first.

1. Chin exercises

Many people swear by chin exercises to reduce the appearance of their double chin. It’s grounded on the idea that the lack of physical exertion in these areas will weaken the neck muscles and cause sagging.
However, there’s no scientific evidence that these exercises work, but some have seen substantial results. Nevertheless, you have nothing to lose if you’ll give it a try.

2. Surgery

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, surgery is the traditional method to reduce double chin.
There are three surgical procedures that can fix double chins:
  • Liposuction. This is the manual removal of fat on the chin area using suction equipment.
  • Neck lift. This can be done by tightening the skin of the neck (platysmaplasty) or removing excess skin (cervicoplasty).
  • Face lift. This is a combination of removing fats and loose skin around the face to fix the double chin and other problem areas.
These procedures yield excellent and guaranteed results. However, it’s also invasive, and smokers may experience increased bleeding during surgery.

3. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves injecting deoxycholic acid into the fatty area. This acid breaks down and absorbs fat deposits, effectively reducing the appearance of a double chin.
However, this treatment isn’t recommended for people with infection in the chin area or blood-clotting problems. This is also unsafe for pregnant/lactating women and those with swallowing issues or product allergies.

4. Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is more popular by its trade name CoolSculpting. This treatment uses cold temperatures to freeze and destroy fat cells.
However, CoolSculpting isn’t advisable for those with underlying medical conditions. Also, stir clear of this treatment if you are pregnant or planning to conceive in the near future.

5. Deep skin microstimulation

Are you looking for a double chin solution that’s safe and suitable for almost everyone? If yes, then you should try deep skin microstimulation.
This revolutionary treatment is performed using the icoone®Beauty Laser. It reduces the size of fat cells using non-invasive stimulation paired with a laser and LED light.
Moreover, this treatment is 100% non-invasive, which means you can schedule it during lunch breaks.
Unlike CoolSculpting, the icoone®Beauty Laser doesn’t use intense temperatures. The procedure is done externally, so there are very minimal side effects.

How the icoone®Beauty Laser works for double chin

1. It uses a specialized handpiece.

The icoone® Beauty Laser uses the specialized Roboderm handpiece to target the fat cells on your chin area. It’s specially designed to conform to your double chin to stimulate fat loss and skin tightening effectively.
This handpiece has microstimulators, LED lights, and laser to speed up the fat loss in your chin area. All of these will naturally reduce the size of your double chin.

2. It boosts circulation.

The stimulating motion of the icoone® handpiece helps drain trapped fluids on your chin. Improving the circulation in this area will help tone your submental fat deposits.
Also, this will benefit your entire face by reducing puffiness. You can also request a facial session to target your wrinkles at the same time.

3. It reduces fat accumulation.

The icoone® Beauty Laser produces 21,600 microstimulations per minute to reduce fat accumulations. This works in different depths to reduce even the most obvious double chin.
The best part is that this treatment is safe for all skin types. If you have sensitive, loose, or damaged skin, this might be the perfect double chin solution to try.

4. It promotes collagen and elastin production.

Once your chin fats have been reduced, your skin will become loose. This is where the tightening effect of icoone® Beauty Laser comes in.
It stimulates the fibroblasts to produce more collagen and elastin necessary for firmer skin.
Aside from getting rid of your double chin, this treatment will also improve skin elasticity. This means that you won’t have wrinkles on the treated area!

5. It tones your chin shape.

Lastly, the icoone® Beauty Laser shapes and contours your chin for a defined look. You can also extend the treatment along the jaw to make your jawline look sharper and sexier.

Get rid of your double chin without surgery!

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