How To Remove Cellulite From Legs With icoone®Beauty Laser

Cellulite is entirely normal and harmless. About 93% of women have it, but despite its prevalence, cellulite remains a major confidence buster. But here’s the good news: knowing how to remove cellulite from legs is now easier, thanks to the icoone®Beauty Laser.

Unlike too-good-to-be-true creams, the icoone®Beauty Laser target cellulite at its root. This makes it a promising treatment to explore if you’ve tried all possible solutions and nothing worked.

In this post, we will discuss cellulite, how the icoone®technology works to remove it, and where you can get this treatment. 

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the dimpled skin, also referred to as ‘orange peel’, due to its texture. This occurs when fat cells push against the skin’s connective tissues, causing the skin to pucker.

Moreover, it commonly forms in areas with substantial fat deposits, including the thighs, hips, stomachs, buttocks, and arms.

It’s important to note that anyone can develop cellulite, but it’s significantly more common among women. This is due to the fat cell structure of women, which allows fat tissues to expand and press into the dermis.

Aside from body structure, a person’s age, lifestyle, and hormones are also at play here. Even the slimmest person won’t be spared from cellulite.

Still, there’s nothing to be alarmed about when you have cellulite. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong if you feel self-conscious about it, especially when wearing a bikini. 

Causes of cellulite

Even experts are baffled why cellulite occurs. Still, it’s established that this condition is more common in women, many of whom develop cellulite after the puberty stage.

Nevertheless, women who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop cellulite. It’s due to the higher fat deposits in their bodies.

However, even fit individuals can still develop cellulite. It’s because muscle tone is also a risk factor for this condition.

Aside from that, aging will increase a person’s risk for cellulite. As the skin ages, it loses elasticity and is more likely to create a dimpling appearance.

Pregnancy and a sedentary lifestyle are also common culprits to this problem. But again, these risk factors are on a sliding scale for every individual. 

Types of cellulite

Cellulite may manifest in three different types with varying appearances and signs: 

  • Edematous cellulite. Edematous cellulite occurs when liquids stagnate due to poor circulation. While rare, it’s also the most challenging to treat. It usually occurs on the thighs and legs, where the skin may feel painful to touch after sitting for too long.
  • Fibrous cellulite. Fibrous cellulite is called ‘hard cellulite’ due to the nodules on the affected area. It feels painful and stiff when palpated, and it’s also challenging to treat.
  • Adipose cellulite. Also called ‘soft cellulite,’ adipose cellulite is the most common type, and it occurs due to excess fat deposits. It has an orange peel-like appearance accompanied by sagging skin. 

No matter what cellulite type you have, icoone®Beauty Laser can help. This revolutionary technology can reduce the appearance of cellulite without injections, surgery, and other invasive procedures.

What is the icoone®Beauty Laser?

The icoone®Beauty Laser is a treatment that uses multi-micro alveolar stimulation (MMAS) to help reduce cellulite. It also utilizes the patented Roboderm technology to treat various skin flaws, including loose skin, scars, and more.

Moreover, this cellulite treatment combines mechanical stimulation, laser, and LED light for optimal results. It also comes with various handpieces made for specific body parts.

This is the only machine that can provide this kind of stimulation while producing excellent results. 

How the icoone®Beauty Laser works for cellulite

The icoone®Beauty Laser does a great job of reducing cellulite appearance in just a few sessions. Here’s how it works: 

It reduces the size of stored fat cells.

The icoone®Beauty Laser is equipped with multi-micro alveolar stimulation that perfectly mimics a two-hand massage. This stimulates the microvacuoles in subcutaneous tissues.

Through this, the icoone®Beauty Laser can reduce the size of fat cells. It speeds up the natural process of fat loss, which in turn decreases cellulite appearance.

Meanwhile, this machine also uses a laser and LED light for areas with stubborn fats. It further stimulates fat cells in different depths together with microstimulation.

Together, these two levels of stimulation will reduce the volume of fat cells in areas resistant to exercise.

Aside from that, the icoone®Beauty Laser has different hand pieces of various sizes to suit multiple treatment areas. This guarantees effective cellulite removal anywhere on your body. 

It promotes lymphatic drainage.

The massaging effect of the icoone®Beauty Laser drastically improves lymph circulation. This is very helpful for individuals with edematous cellulite.

By increasing circulation, retained fluids will be drained, allowing you to get rid of cellulite.

Aside from that, this machine boosts blood flow to the affected areas. This will further improve its benefits not just for cellulite removal but also for other skin blemishes. 

It stimulates the production of collagen.

The icoone®Beauty Laser also stimulates the production of elastin of elastin and collagen in the skin. This helps firm up the cellulite area to minimize the appearance of cellulite further.

Moreover, this machine is a natural solution if you’re tired of bogus creams and lotions that never worked. This means it’s also perfect for the most sensitive skin. 

No surgery involved

The best part about the icoone®Beauty Laser is its non-invasive nature. It will help you make cellulite less noticeable without cuts or stitches.

You just have to lie down and relax while a specialist works on your cellulite areas. After several sessions, you’ll notice a substantial improvement in your skin. Not just that: it will also give you a more toned body shape. 

Are there side effects to icoone®Beauty Laser?

The icoone®Beauty Laser is backed by 30 years of studies in connective tissues. It’s guaranteed to be safe and relatively painless for every patient.

This treatment doesn’t have side effects, even for individuals with sensitive skin. Aside from that, the icoone®Beauty Laser doesn’t have a recovery period. You can return to work immediately after each session.

For peace of mind, you should only trust accredited icoone® beauty clinics. This way, you’ll get guaranteed cellulite removal without irritation.

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