At pure skin laser center we use cutting edge technology to reach even the hardest areas, such as nose
Our advanced FDA-approved laser technology Candela Gentle MaxPro achieves noticeable results after just one session. Effectively prevents ingrown hair and unwanted hair growth on the face or body. The reward: smooth skin with up to 90% permanent hair reduction from the best laser hair removal center in Los Angeles.
Candela Gentle MaxPro
Laser Hair Removal Benefits
provides permanent hair reduction over the course of just few treatments.
delivers a more comfortable patient experience through its distinctive Dynamic Cooling Device™.
cooling system sprays the skin before each laser pulse with a cooling burst of cryogen over the treatment area
provides a Cooling Protection Factor over 50% greater than contact or air cooling for optimal comfort!
Laser Nose Hair removal
Meet our
Laser Hair Removal Specialists
Evgyenia Stepanova
It all started with our beautiful founder — Jenya Stepanova. She is a registered nurse, who graduated from West Coast University, and has more than 10 years of experience in Aesthetic nursing.
She has been utilizing healthcare and esthetics expertise to provide a wide range of aesthetic/cosmetic skin treatments and developing individualized therapeutic skin-care program and long-term relationships with clients.
Laser Nose Hair removal
Laser Nose Hair removal
Andrea Arcaya
Andrea is an experienced Aesthetic register nurse, who graduated from National University.
She joined Evgenia years ago to provide the community with the best care possible. She has been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years and always pursue her goal to make each client meet their dream image.

Why choose

pure skin laser center

We have more than 10 years of experience in Aesthetic nursing and have served thousands of happy clients.

We utilize healthcare and esthetics expertise to provide a wide range of aesthetic/cosmetic skin treatments and have been developing individualized therapeutic skin-care programs for clients that we have built long-term relationships with.

We use the Candela Gentle Pro Series laser technology to provide the highest level of service.
Laser Nose Hair removal
Laser Nose Hair removal
Laser Nose Hair removal

Prepay for 6 sessions

for the same areas and

get 20% off

24 hours cancellation policy

Hair removal services

We can do laser hair removal in one of these areas or in all of them at the same time
See What Our Clients Say
Laser Nose Hair removal
Angie Montenegro
32 YO
Laser Nose Hair removal
Getting my body hair removed was my best decision ever!

I don’t know why I have been waiting for so long! Evgenia took such a good care of me! I only had 2 sessions so far but my body hair almost stopped growing! I forgot what the razor is! They also had really pleasant prices compare to other places. I definitely recommend them to all my friends! Do yourself a favor — go see them!

Laser Nose Hair removal
Laser Nose Hair removal
Cheryl Bulaon
28 YO
Laser Nose Hair removal
I’ve been seeing Andrea for Botox for a while, then I decided to get my hair removed as well! And I’m so happy I did! I had 6 sessions total ( full body) I was perfectly ready for summer! My skin is as smooth as it can be, I actually don’t ever remember my skin to be like that! I recommended then to my sister snd now we are the biggest fans of Pure Skin Laser Center! You guys are truly the best!
Laser Nose Hair removal
Laser Nose Hair removal
Stephanie Campbell
35 YO
Laser Nose Hair removal
Evgenia Stepanova is the best I’ve been to for Botox. She absolutely knows what she’s doing! I had the exact picture of what I wanted ,but 3 other professionals could not get right! Not overdone either.
She’s a true professional! I will not let anyone else touch my face…ever. She offers many other services too. I also started laser hair removal process with her. So glad I found her!!"
Laser Nose Hair removal
Book a Consultation and See for Yourself what these Ladies are Talking about

Laser Hair
Removal Benefits

When it comes to removing body hair,
you can shave but the hair grows back in a matter of days. Depilatory creams dissolve hair, but they smell very foul. You may also consider waxing or sugaring, which pulls the hair at the root. After waxing, hair doesn’t grow back for weeks, but it is a painful process and treated areas become very itchy once your hair grows back.
Then there’s laser hair removal, it’s relatively painless and after just a few treatments you can officially get rid of your painful razor and cancel your wax appointments.
Other Packages We Offer

Full legs Package

Lower and Upper Legs

Laser Nose Hair removal

Lower Body Package

Full Legs + Full Bikini

Laser Nose Hair removal

Upper Body Package

Chest + Full Arms + Full Face

Laser Nose Hair removal


Ears, Nose, Upper Lip, Chin, Neck

Laser Nose Hair removal



Laser Nose Hair removal



Laser Nose Hair removal
Reviews From Our Clients
Tirzah S.
Fast & easy booking! Call Andrea ! She will provide you with all the information. I felt nervous going in but she made it comfortable & easy to start my process!
Crystal A.
Beautiful space and Jenya is sweet and replies fast . Love going here I always feel welcome and comfortable.
Ksenia K.
Wonderful place, super friendly. All the treatments I did are great, no problems, no side effect. I recommend special botox.
Emily A.
I was referred to Andrea by one of my clients and she always looks great so I thought I’d try her. Andrea was the sweetest person. So flexible and accommodating and she gave me the best botox I’ve ever had!! My sister, who had never tried botox as she was scared, loved it and wanted to try so we went in together the second time and she immediately fell in love too. I also had laser hair done and that was great too. Andrea is the absolute best. I won’t ever go to anyone else again!! Thank you, Andrea, for my baby butt smooth forehead! 😉 
Michael S.
Incredibly happy with my hair removal experience at this location. Feel completely safe coming in for my appointments as they take all the COVID safety precautions. The girls at the front are very knowledgeable and incredibly sweet!… Thank you for taking care of me!
Stephanie H.
I really love going to this place, you guys. Not only is the service great but the customer service is absolutely amazing during this pandemic. It was my second time coming here and they make me feel so welcomed and always make me laugh. Keep up the good work you guys do so it does not go unnoticed.
Jillian R.
I have nothing but amazing things to say about Pure skin laser center! They make the process so easy no matter what service you are getting, the staff is so friendly and so helpful! All of the nurses are so gentle and let you know every step of the way what’s going on. I definitely recommend it to everyone!
Laila C.
I went in for my first laser treatment and was impressed by how professional and welcoming everyone was. The nurse went over everything before and during the treatment and I was pleasantly surprised that it was painless!!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Some patients may feel slight discomfort, which has been compared to snapping a rubber band against the skin. This discomfort resolves quickly and is minimized by our patented Dynamic Cooling Device™. Be sure to talk this over with your practitioner.
A treatment can take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the treatment area and the condition being treated. For example, both legs or an average-sized man’s back can often be treated in as little as 15 minutes.
Several treatments are required to achieve the full hair removal effect. Body hair grows in different stages, so it’s best to undergo a few treatments. We recommend having a treatment an average of six to eight weeks apart to catch them all during the growth stage.
Yes! Many laser hair removal treatments don’t cater to all skin types, but there’s a Gentle Hair Removal treatment that’s right for you, regardless of your skin tone. Check out the infographic below to discover your skin type, so you can talk to your practitioner about which gentle treatment is right for you.
After your laser hair removal treatment, protect your skin from sun exposure by applying sunblock (SPF 30 or above). In the first few days after treatment, don’t scrub or rinse the treated areas with abrasive skin cleansers or body/facial scrubs. Your practitioner/nurse may advise additional precautions.

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