Botox Can Be Useful For Conditions Other Than Wrinkles

Botox Can Be Useful For Conditions Other Than Wrinkles

When discussing Botox, the first thing that always comes to mind is ‘wrinkles.’ But what if we tell you that there are more Botox uses than simply erasing fine lines?

While Botox injections are widely – and wildly – popular as a cosmetic treatment, it actually packs a punch on the medical aspect.

In this post, we will discuss some of the lesser-known uses of Botox beyond wrinkles and fine lines. You might be surprised by #6 and #7!

What is Botox used for aside from erasing wrinkles?

Botox Can Be Useful For Conditions Other Than Wrinkles

Of all the uses for Botox, smoothing wrinkles is probably the most popular. But aside from this cosmetic wonder, the following are also FDA-approved applications of Botox:

1.  Enhancing the lips

Who said lip fillers are the only solution for pouty kissers? You’ll be surprised by what Botox can do on your lips.

Botox is used for a treatment called lip flip, where small drops of the substance are injected around your lips to give it a lift. As your lip muscles relax, it will flip outward, creating a fuller appearance.

Take note that this Botox use requires a skilled injector to ensure the best results. So if you want a Botox lip flip without complications, don’t hesitate to call us at Pure Skin Laser Center. We specialize in various Botox uses on the face!

2.  Mimicking a nose job

Do you want to restore the appearance of your youthful and pointy nose? If yes, then Botox might be the best non-invasive solution you can try.

As we age, our noses will start to droop and appear hooked, which makes us look old. But a careful application of Botox at the base of the nose or between the nostrils can give your nose a natural-looking lift.

Overall, this can help take years off your face. But then again, it’s important to choose the right provider who specializes in this kind of Botox treatment.

3.  Relieving jaw pain

There are also a myriad of uses for Botox in the medical field, one of which is relieving jaw pain.

Those suffering from TMD or temporomandibular disorders can find relief from Botox as a complementary treatment. For this treatment, small amounts of Botox are injected into the jaw or facial muscles to prevent it from contracting and causing pain.

However, it’s important to note that Botox is not a cure for TMD. It’s only a temporary solution for those who are dealing with unbearable jaw pain while receiving proper therapy from their physicians.

Also, you should only consider this Botox treatment after a consultation with your physician.

4.  Easing migraines

Chronic migraines can be debilitating and will directly impact a person’s daily routines. The good news is that Botox can also help with this problem.

So what can Botox do for migraines? Once injected into the forehead, scalp, shoulder, or neck, Botox will relax the muscles and block pain receptors from sending signals to your nerves. 

Take note that Botox is only considered an option if other migraine treatments are not working. And just the same, you should first consult with your physician before getting this treatment.

5.  Reducing excessive sweating

Botox Can Be Useful For Conditions Other Than Wrinkles

Do you suffer from a condition called ‘hyperhidrosis’? This medical condition causes excessive sweating in different body parts, especially the hands, armpits, feet, and so on.

Sweat stains from excessive sweating can be a big confidence buster. And instead of always worrying about your constant perspiration, you can try Botox as a solution.

Botox, when used for hyperhidrosis, works by blocking the nerve signals that cause your sweat glands to be overactive.

Depending on your specific condition, the effects may last between 6 and 12 months. Don’t worry; you can always get touch-up sessions to sustain sweat-free benefits.

If you’re interested in getting Botox for excessive sweating, feel free to call us at Pure Skin Laser Center. Our injectors are experienced for this specific treatment!

6.  Treating crossed-eyes

Crossed eyes or ‘strabismus’ is a condition where the eyes are misaligned or not focused evenly. It can be due to various reasons, but the most common is problems with the neuromuscular control of eye movement.

What does Botox help with for this condition? Doctors can administer a controlled amount of Botox to your extraocular muscles. The goal here is to weaken some of the small muscles so the eyes can focus better.

However, it’s important that you only get this kind of treatment from a specialist doctor. It’s because improper Botox injections around the eye area can lead to ptosis or droopy eyelid. 

7.  Treating an overactive bladder

It might be a big surprise for you to know that the substance that smoothens wrinkles is also the same substance that can treat an overactive bladder. Well, at least, temporarily.

For this treatment, a cystoscopy would be done first. This is a procedure where a cystoscope, or a narrow tube with a thin camera, is inserted into the urethra. From there, the doctor will examine the bladder and determine the areas where the Botox should be injected.

After mapping out the injection areas, the doctor will then proceed to administer small doses of Botox around the bladder.

This will relax the bladder muscles enough to prevent it from contracting too much. What happens is that you’ll have less urgency to urinate, and it will also reduce urinary incontinence.

But as with any Botox use in the medical field, this treatment should only be administered by a licensed doctor. It’s not something you can get from a medical spa or a beauty clinic.

Reminders before getting Botox

Botox Can Be Useful For Conditions Other Than Wrinkles

Although there are many Botox medical uses, it’s important that you know a few things before you make appointments. Here are some pointers that we always tell our clients:

1.  Your choice of provider is everything.

Where you get your Botox treatments is a big make-or-break factor in the results you’ll get. Going to inexperienced and unlicensed injectors can cause more harm than help, especially if it’s for a medical condition.

Take note that Botox can trigger a slew of health problems if it’s injected into body parts where it’s not supposed to. Also, Botox can migrate to other areas if not properly administered.

In this case, you should only get Botox from a reliable and trusted provider. Medical spas like Pure Skin Laser Center are certified to administer Botox, and we only use FDA-approved products at all times.

2.  The results are only temporary.

If you’re new to Botox, you should know that its effects are only short-lived. In about 6 to 12 months, the substance will naturally break down, and your muscles will regain their strength again.

This is the case whether you’re getting Botox for medical reasons or cosmetic purposes.

The good news is that you can always get touch-up sessions to sustain the results you like. And again, you should only get these follow-up appointments from a reliable provider.

3.  You should avoid it during pregnancy (and while breastfeeding).

Take note that the use of Botox during pregnancy is not FDA-approved. Also, we highly discourage expectant mothers from getting this treatment until they secure a clearance from their doctors.

Aside from that, you should avoid getting Botox if you’re still nursing. Some recommend waiting up to 48 hours before breastfeeding your baby after an injection, but we always recommend to err on the side of caution.

As much as possible, steer clear of Botox until you’re done breastfeeding or until your doctor says it’s safe to get this treatment.

4.  Make sure you declare your medications.

Before every Botox treatment, we always conduct a one-on-one consultation with our clients. One thing that we always ask is whether they are taking any medications at the moment.

This is crucial as some drugs, especially blood-thinning medications, will increase the occurrence of bruising. In some cases, Botox may interfere with the medical treatment our client is currently going through.

So once you undergo a consultation, make sure that you declare any treatment you’re currently taking. This is for your safety and to ensure that you’ll reap all the Botox health benefits.

5.  Be honest about your medical condition/s.

Another thing you should inform our specialist about is your medical history. This is much so if you have bleeding problems, signs of infection near or on the injection area, and muscle/nerve disorders.

Do yourself a favor and be honest about this information. In the end, we ask this to ensure that you’ll have a safe experience in our medical spa.

6.  The cost varies widely.

Lastly, you should also know that the cost of Botox varies widely, depending on where you’re planning to get it and your desired results.

For example, a lip flip costs less than a face-slimming treatment since it uses less Botox. Also, getting treatment from clinics in major cities will also increase the price.

So, if you want to save some bucks while getting the best results, consider visiting our medical spa in North Hollywood. We offer Botox for as low as $10 per unit, which will be administered by our certified aesthetician.

Enjoy the benefits of Botox today at Pure Skin Laser Center!

If you’re looking for reliable, safe, and effective Botox treatments in North Hollywood, Pure Skin Laser Center is the place to be. We have 10+ years of experience in aesthetic nursing, so rest assured that your skin will be in good hands.

Whether you want a classic wrinkle treatment, a lip flip, relief from TMJ pain, or sweat reduction, our Botox experts are here to help.

Call us today to learn more, or book your appointment online to get a free consultation with one of our specialists!

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