in North Hollywood

for the first
30 units with our
certified nurse
Any additional units are $8 per unit
When Treating 3 or More Areas
*New clients only

Comfortable & Modern Procedure Suites

Same-day appointments may be available

Comfortable & Modern Procedure Suites

Same-day appointments may be available

Our FDA approved Botox
is safe
is highly effective anti-aging treatment
that smoothes lines and wrinkles.
Botox is treasured for its safe rejuvenating qualities by temporarily relaxing wrinkle causing muscles, resulting in youthful appearance.

How many units of Botox do I need?

this month special prices (per side)

Crow’s feet 4 – 12 units
$36-$108 Reduces the visibility of crow’s feet by relaxing the muscles that surround the corners of the eyes    
Gummy smile 2 – 4 units
$18-$36Injected in the area between your upper lip and nose to temporarily freeze the muscles that contract or elevate when you smile, which allows you to smile without showing your gums
Orange peel chin 2 – 4 units
$18-$36This dimpled, pebbly, or orange peel appearance can be reversed wto the chin muscles, causing the area to remain in a relaxed state even when contracted
Forehead 10 – 30 units
$90-$270Relax the muscles that cause the formation of wrinkles
Brow Lift 4 – 6 units each brow
$36-$54A small amount needs to be injected above the lateral aspect of the eyebrows to lift droopy brows and provide a lift
Brow Lift 4 – 6 units each brow
$36-$54A small amount needs to be injected above the lateral aspect of the eyebrows to lift droopy brows and provide a lift
Lip lift flip 2 – 4 units
$18-$36The procedure involves injections into your upper lip to relax the muscles and “flip” your lip upward
Neck bands 25 – 50 units
$225-$450Reduce the appearance of vertical banding by relaxing the platysma muscle

Areas treated with Botox

1 Crow’s feet 4 — 12 units $36-$108 
2 Gummy smile 2 — 4 units $18-$36
3 Orange peel chin 2 — 4 units $18-$36
4 Forehead 10 — 30 units $90-$270
5 Brow Lift 4 — 6 units each brow $36-$54
6 Lip lift flip 2 — 4 units $18-$54
7 Neck bands 25 — 50 units $225-$450
Meet our
Botox Injection specialists

Evgyenia Stepanova


It all started with our beautiful founder — Jenya Stepanova. She is a registered nurse, who graduated from West Coast University, and has more than 10 years of experience in Aesthetic nursing.
She has been utilizing healthcare and esthetics expertise to provide a wide range of aesthetic/cosmetic skin treatments and developing individualized therapeutic skin-care program and long-term relationships with clients.

Andrea Arcaya


Andrea is an experienced Aesthetic register nurse, who graduated from National University.
She joined Evgenia years ago to provide the community with the best care possible. She has been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years and always pursue her goal to make each client meet their dream image.
When Treating 3 or More Areas
When Treating
3 or More Areas
*New clients only
Benefits of BOTOX Injections

There are many benefits associated with BOTOX injections 
— especially when they are performed by licensed professional cosmetic specialist, like our advanced registered nurse practitioner, Evgenia Stepanova. It includes: 

Natural looking

A quick, almost
pain-free treatment

Great improvement
in wrinkles

Confidence boost

Natural looking

A quick, almost
pain-free treatment

Great improvement
in wrinkles

Confidence boost

Other Botox Treatments

Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

( 50 units each underarm)

A remarkable long-lasting relief from intense perspiration

Botox works on the armpits by blocking the nerves that give signals to the sweat glands to produce sweat. The effect lasts 7-9 months


Botox is used as an alternative treatment for TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint) disorders and associated jaw tension and pain.

When botox into facial muscles afflicted with soreness and discomfort, special botox relieves TMJ and jaw tension for many patients.

Why choose
pure skin laser center

We have more than 10 years of experience in Aesthetic nursing and have served thousands of happy clients.

We utilize healthcare and esthetics expertise to provide a wide range of aesthetic/cosmetic skin treatments and have been developing individualized therapeutic skin-care programs for clients that we have built long-term relationships with.

We use the Candela Gentle Pro Series laser technology to provide the highest level of service.
See what our clients say about botox injections at Pure skin laser center

Dana Robertson

53 YO

I have been going to Evgenia to do Botox for years! I did go to many specialists before I found her and now I am not going anywhere else ever!
I do my forehead, lips and eyes. Evgenia never overuses it, it always looks natural but flawless! Last time we tried face slimming and I loved it!
Evgenia! Thank you very much for your talent and professionalism!

Laura Smith

48 YO

I cannot imagine to have a better experience . The entire staff are true professionals. I had a face/neck/eye done and came out looking like an earlier version of myself-not someone who has tons of Botox in them 😉
All my friends cannot believe how natural I look and all of them now go to Pure Skin Laser Center for all their beauty needs."

Anna Grigoryan

38 YO

Evgenia Stepanova is the best I’ve been to for Botox. She absolutely knows what she’s doing! I had the exact picture of what I wanted ,but 3 other professionals could not get right! Not overdone either.
She’s a true professional! I will not let anyone else touch my face…ever. She offers many other services too. I also started laser hair removal process with her. So glad I found her!!"
Book a Consultation and See for Yourself what these Ladies are Talking about
Before / After
Reviews From Our Clients

Tirzah S.


Fast & easy booking! Call Andrea ! She will provide you with all the information. I felt nervous going in but she made it comfortable & easy to start my process!

Crystal A.


Beautiful space and Jenya is sweet and replies fast . Love going here I always feel welcome and comfortable.

Ksenia K.


Wonderful place, super friendly. All the treatments I did are great, no problems, no side effect. I recommend special botox.

Emily A.


I was referred to Andrea by one of my clients and she always looks great so I thought I’d try her. Andrea was the sweetest person. So flexible and accommodating and she gave me the best botox I’ve ever had!! My sister, who had never tried botox as she was scared, loved it and wanted to try so we went in together the second time and she immediately fell in love too. I also had laser hair done and that was great too. Andrea is the absolute best. I won’t ever go to anyone else again!! Thank you, Andrea, for my baby butt smooth forehead! 😉

Michael S.


Incredibly happy with my hair removal experience at this location. Feel completely safe coming in for my appointments as they take all the COVID safety precautions. The girls at the front are very knowledgeable and incredibly sweet!… Thank you for taking care of me!

Stephanie H.


I really love going to this place, you guys. Not only is the service great but the customer service is absolutely amazing during this pandemic. It was my second time coming here and they make me feel so welcomed and always make me laugh. Keep up the good work you guys do so it does not go unnoticed.

Jillian R.


I have nothing but amazing things to say about Pure skin laser center! They make the process so easy no matter what service you are getting, the staff is so friendly and so helpful! All of the nurses are so gentle and let you know every step of the way what’s going on. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Laila C.


I went in for my first laser treatment and was impressed by how professional and welcoming everyone was. The nurse went over everything before and during the treatment and I was pleasantly surprised that it was painless!!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our FDA approved botox is a safe, highly effective anti-aging treatment that smoothes lines and wrinkles. Botox is an injectable drug made from botulinum toxin type A. This toxin is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.

By gently paralyzing the underlying forehead and eye muscles, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles with added benefits. Beyond the cosmetic and aesthetic satisfaction, versatile Botox injections can also treat or even relieve bothersome, and annoying conditions.

Redness, bruising, dizziness, mild difficulty swallowing, respiratory infections such as cold or flu, pain, nausea, headache, and muscle weakness may occur when this medication is used to relax muscles. However, at Pure Skin Laser Center, we strive to minimize the side effects. Our staff is highly educated and experienced. Thousands of happy clients trust us and put their health and beauty needs in our hands.

The medical industry confirms that once the effects of Botox wear off, your face will NOT look older. Actually, the opposite usually happens. Botox injections help you get rid of some of the unwanted wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, chin etc.

Botox comes in dosages between 50 and 100 units per vial. Some practitioners inject an average of 10 to 30 units into the forehead. Your practitioner will advise you in regards to the right amount of units in order to deliver the results you want.