Enhance Your Thinning Ageing Lips with Dermal Fillers

Enhance Your Thinning Ageing Lips with Dermal Fillers

Aging changes every inch of our bodies, and our lips are no exception to this. Over the years, our lips’ collagen levels will start to deplete, which leads to gradual thinning.

But before your pout turns to a frown, there’s a solution to restore this volume loss: lip fillers.

In this blog post, we will share how lip fillers can enhance your lips and why our clients swear by this non-invasive cosmetic treatment.

How fillers enhance your aging lips

Enhance Your Thinning Ageing Lips with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are nothing new in the cosmetic world. Much like its ‘cousin’ Botox, fillers are widely used to temporarily reverse signs of aging. Again, like the latter, fillers are applied in various areas of the face, including the lips.

Here’s how fillers work for aging and thin lips:

1.  It restores lost volume.

One of the main benefits of lip fillers is its ability to restore the plump look of your lips. Thanks to its gel-like consistency, it can fill up thin lips to make them look naturally pouty.

While lip fillers still need some time to settle, they offer faster and longer-lasting results than other treatments. You also have the option to get a mild lip retouch or a more dramatic transformation.

2.  It removes wrinkles around the lips.

Aside from restoring the natural-looking pout of your lips, fillers are also very effective in ‘erasing wrinkles. It can smoothen out wrinkles around your mouth, especially static wrinkles that Botox alone can’t treat.

For this purpose, we inject small amounts of lip filler for wrinkles in various spots around your lips. We plan the injection site carefully to ensure that our clients will get the best results without overfilling.

3.  It helps improve asymmetrical lips.

If you have asymmetrical or uneven lips, fillers can also be a good solution. As with treating wrinkles, we inject small amounts of dermal fillers into specific spots of your lips to balance it for a natural look.

As we age, our lips tend to be droopy due to gravity and low levels of collagen. For some, the drooping may become lopsided, which fillers temporarily help fix.

4.  It helps lift the corners of your mouth.

As we’ve mentioned, our lips droop as we age. This is more evident in the corners of the mouth, which makes us look older and exhausted.

By injecting lip fillers, we can give this part of your mouth a gentle lift. This way, you’ll look younger and happier without any harsh treatments or surgery.

5.  It enhances the plumpness and definition of your lip’s shape.

Take note that lip fillers aren’t only intended to restore your lip’s volume. It can also enhance the natural shape of your lips, so your look will be natural, and you’ll need less product in each session.

Overall, this will make you look youthful, meaning your lips will be a flattering feature of your face.

What to expect during your lip filler treatment?

Enhance Your Thinning Ageing Lips with Dermal Fillers

If you haven’t tried getting lip fillers before, making an appointment might be daunting. To help ease your uncertainty, we prepared a brief lip filler guide about what you should expect before, during, and after your filler treatment:

Before the treatment

Before the treatment, we will conduct a one-on-one consultation with you to discuss your beauty goals. Most of our clients want to have a natural-looking pout, while others opt for a sexier and more defined lip shape.

By knowing your desired results, we can plan the treatment, and map out the injection areas.

Aside from that, we will give you some pre-treatment instructions. This depends on each client’s specific situation, but it often includes the following:

• Avoid drinking alcohol before the treatment because it increases the risk of bruising

• Avoid smoking, as this will directly affect the health of your lips

• Stay hydrated for faster healing after the injections.

• If you’re taking blood-thinning medications, consult with your doctor first before getting lip fillers.

• Avoid too much sun exposure or the use of tanning beds on your face.

• Dedicate a rest period after the treatment to prevent filler migration.

During the treatment

On your appointment day, make sure you arrive with clean and makeup-free lips. For the day, you need to skip even something as simple as lip balm to avoid contaminating the injection site.

Next, our injector will ask you to get comfortable on our recliner before we get started on the procedure.

After that, we will measure and mark your lips to map out the injection spots accurately. This is how we ensure that every single drop of filler goes into the right place.

Once you’re all settled, we will apply a numbing cream on the injection site to minimize the discomfort of the injections. You’ll start to feel the numbing effect kicking in at around 10 to 15 minutes.

In that case, we will start to perform the injections, and you’ll be out and about our clinic within an hour. For minor lip augmentations, the session can be as fast as 30 minutes.

After the treatment

Take note that your lips won’t look like Kim Kardashian’s kissers right after we’re done with the injections. There will still be mild swelling and, in some cases, light bruising. All these are normal and will subside over the course of a few days.

Overall, you should avoid touching, pressing, or doing anything on your lips while the fillers get settled. Our injector may recommend gently applying a cold compress to manage the swelling.

But other than that, patience and time are your friends. Don’t worry because you’re going to see the full results in about 7 days.

What filler is used for lips?

Enhance Your Thinning Ageing Lips with Dermal Fillers

Take note that as much as lip fillers can restore your pouty kissers, there’s a type used specifically for this purpose. Overall, there are many lip filler brands, but we often use Juvederm and Restylane for our clients.

Both these brands are FDA-approved and proven to deliver. natural-looking results.

Here are the specific formulations of each brand that are specifically made to enhance lips:

Juvederm Volbella

We often enhance the natural beauty of our clients with Juvederm Volbella. It’s made of synthetic hyaluronic acid, which is similar to the HA our bodies produce. This means you’re very unlikely to experience any allergic reactions.

Aside from lip augmentation, Volbella is also great for correcting fine lines around the mouth (perioral lines) and lip wrinkles for those over 21 years old.

Juvederm Ultra

Another Juvederm formulation used for the lips is the Juvederm Ultra. It’s also made of hyaluronic acid intended for a more profound or drastic restoration. Compared to Volbella, which only needs superficial injections, this one goes deeper into your skin.

Also, you may encounter Juvederm formulations with the letters “XC” in the end, like Volbella XC or Ultra XC. These are the same formulations as we discussed above, but they are infused with lidocaine, a type of numbing agent to reduce your discomfort upon injection.

Restylane Kysse

Like the Juvederm formulations, Restylane Kysse is also made of hyaluronic acid. The difference is it’s crosslinked with BDDE, an additional ingredient that makes this filler last longer.

With proper Restylane Kysse aftercare, you can enjoy the benefits of this filler for up to a year.

Restylane Silk

The Restylane Silk is intended for subtle lip enhancements. It’s also effective in smoothing wrinkles around your mouth area. So, if you only want a gentle or softer lip boost, this might be the best filler for you.

Let’s answer some of our clients’ common questions

At what age can you get lip injections?
Knowing how old to get lip fillers is crucial before you make an appointment. The FDA only approved this product for people over 21 years old. No reputable clinic will ever administer lip fillers to minors without parental consent or medical reason to do so. 

Is it effective to get lip fillers for older ladies?
If you’re looking for the best lip filler for older lips, then you’re in luck. Almost all lip fillers work for older ladies who want to enhance their kissers or simply lighten the wrinkles around their mouths.

Feel free to call us to learn more about how our lip fillers can work for you!

What are the long-term effects of lip fillers?
Overall, lip fillers are temporary and will wear off after some time. It doesn’t really have any long-term effects, whether negative or positive, if done right.

What happens to lip fillers after 10 years?
Filler for lip wrinkles or enhancements will have worn off long before 10 years. If you plan to get fillers regularly in the long term, it’s important to get them from a reliable provider like Pure Skin Laser Center.

This way, you’ll enjoy young-looking lips for the years to come.

Is it true that fillers can cause ringworm in lips?
Infections like ringworm or tinea on lips occur due to a variety of reasons. It can be due to poor dental hygiene, excessive rubbing of the mouth, smoking, and so on.

In very rare cases, lip filler might trigger this infection if the provider doesn’t practice proper safety protocols.

How long do lip fillers last?
Lip fillers usually last around 6 months to a year. After that, you’ll notice that you’re slowly getting deflated lips as the filler naturally breaks down.

Ready to try lip fillers?

If you’re frustrated about your thinning lips and want an instant boost, our medical spa is the best place to go. At Pure Skin Laser Center, we use FDA-approved and high-quality fillers that will give you natural-looking results.

Above all, we have certified injectors who use the thinnest needles for your comfort.

So, if you’re ready to enhance your lips, call us, and we will give you a free consultation!

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